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The Ignite Universe

The Ignite Universe is a platform where audiences have the opportunity to experience, engage and interact with the worlds, characters, stories and filmmakers of their favourite genre films, TV series and adaptations-in-the-making like nowhere else in, well, the Universe!

Each story inhabits a ‘World’ created special for its genre, plot, themes, style, setting, etc.; so each World you explore will be a whole new unique experience. 

In addition to being genre (sci-fi, fantasy, crime thriller, etc.), the stories hosted in The Ignite Universe are also 'socially charged' so we have provided a community for you to join to create real change in the world, 'ignited' by these stories.

You are more than welcome to explore but with a free membership you will be able to join the conversation, engage with the content, share your own socially charged genre projects and be eligible to win prizes, which include tickets to live screenings of the projects hosted here!

Our first World to be hosted in The Ignite Universe is for the Telefilm-supported feature film CHAINED, a psychological crime thriller that explores toxic masculinity an the cycle of abuse, which will have its World Premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival

Come EXPLORE inside The Ignite Universe and the CHAINED World; or better yet JOIN us now!

We will be holding a members-only contest for the in-theatre screening of CHAINED at VIFF on October 1, 2020!

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The Ignite Team

We are a group of Ignitors consisting of a visionary entrepreneur, former teacher and award-winning filmmaker; a multi-award-winning genre screenwriter and director, and dedicated father; a brilliant and multi-faceted lawyer, coach, filmmaker, and former president of Women in Film and Television Vancouver; a publicity and social media guru with a specialty working in genre film; and an innovator and business strategist with expertise in creating change through technology.

The Ignite Universe is a proud participant of the Banff Sparks Accelerator Program!

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